New Calabrio WFM (formerly Teleopti) – New Features September 2021

Jo updates us all on the latest news and features with New Calabrio WFM
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Hi everyone!

This month’s new items include new functionality in the Web Schedules screen (introduced in the May video), and also new processes for agent’s MyTime when requesting overtime or time off. Enjoy!


This is your monthly update on all the new shiny features in your New Calabrio WFM system (formerly known as Teleopti) and it’s September 2021. Read on for the full details or watch the video here if you prefer.

Web Schedules – Shift Category changes

This great new screen was introduced in May of this year, so if this is new to you then see the May (part 2) blog/video from this year.

From this month there is new information in the Schedule History pop up, we can now see the full details of any changes to the shift category, including what it’s been changed to.

MyTime – Overtime requests

Previously in March of this year, we learned that when an overtime request is made on the same date as a full day absence, it will automatically be denied. This has now changed.

The new process is if the overtime request time is outside of the original schedule, it will still be processed, so that may be auto approved or not, depending on what your further processors are. If the overtime time sits within the schedule time, then it will still be denied.

For example, an agent was originally scheduled to do an 8am – 4pm shift, and they booked that time off as a full day absence.

If they were to request 4pm – 5pm as overtime, that will be processed. If they were to request 3pm – 4pm that will be denied.

MyTime – Absence Probability bar

This colour coded bar is displayed to the MyTime user for each day in the Schedule screen. It will show the chance of having an absence request approved based on the staffing picture of the skills they have. Previously the bar would show for all future dates, but from this month it will only be shown for dates where it’s relevant. That will be the date range (according to settings in the workflow control set) where absences are approved according to the Intraday setting (rather than Budget Group).

MyTime – Absence requests too close in time

There is a field in the Workflow Control Set where you can set a minimum time before the start of an absence that it can be requested. So in addition to the rules where an absence is approved based on either a date range or a rolling number of days in advance, you can also set this field with a number of minutes notice, so typically this might be 120 (2 hours) before the shift starts or the time being requested.

This is particularly important if you allow on the day requests.

If you do have a request that is too close to the start of the shift according to this rule, rather than the request being denied, the MyTime user will see the new message (cannot send request, too close in time) when they try to book their time off, and therefore they can see clearly why they can’t put that request in.

So that’s our 4 topics covered for this month.

Hope there’s something in there you’re looking forward to using!

Take care and I’ll see you next month.


Jo Kirman

Jo Kirman


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