Mergers & Acquisitions

It's expensive and time consuming combining different existing infrastructures when trying to drive out the benefits from a merger or acquisition


Mergers and acquisitions throw up many challenges and blending legacy contact centres is only one of many, but one that can have an immediate effect on customer experience and be very resource hungry to resolve.


Tracxion’s ability to collect real time event data from any contact platform and deliver a single standardised data structure enables multiple platforms to be connected irrespective of technology or location.

The combined data stream can also be structured to suit a specific purpose (such as streaming to a Cloud analytic platform) or integrated to third party ‘down stream’ applications.


Multiple contact platforms can be connected to generate a single dataset, irrespective of technology, channel or location.

Operational contact centres can be ‘blended’ without the need for immediate migration or disruptive integration.

Time to benefit is significantly reduced as a consequence and the business can focus on driving the expected operational efficiencies from the merger.


Mergers and acquisitions come with a host of operational challenges; Tracxion allows organisations to focus on those by linking legacy systems into a single structure quickly and at a far reduced cost.

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