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Cloud Migration

Migrate from platform to platform, on premise to cloud or amalgamate multiple platforms into one



Changing telephony or contact platforms has, historically, been a significant challenge for any operation.  Maintaining integrity of day to day operational data whilst bringing other platforms up to speed has been a complex operation, taking time and resource out of the business.


Tracxion removes those challenges by delivering a single source of data irrespective of the origin, connecting to multiple disparate switches and combining them into a single, standardised data stream.


Technology changes or refreshes become easier, quicker and less expensive.  Blending your operational data means downstream reporting and operational systems remain unchanged, mitigating associated risk and potential impact on the core business.



Using Tracxion to support a cloud migration not only saves time and money from an IT perspective, it also mitigates risk by insulating operations from the source platforms.

As all existing applications are already integrated with Tracxion there is one simple integration to manage, that of the new platform to Tracxion.  As there are off the shelf event adapters already built for the common cloud platforms, this can be as simple as connecting and validating the data.

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