The Tracxion application suite

Context changes everything

‘Head-up display’ user interface driving real time agent guidance and operational performance 

Comprehensive and detailed view of all contact platform data highlighting unproductive activity

Provides calculated and processed data to any third party application in real time

Contact automation and interventions with Live prompts to agents in the moment

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'Real time' data integration middleware providing the best possible CX data

Listen Everywhere. See Everything.

Tracxion technology is unique

  • Captures 100% of your customer interactions
  • Stitches everything together in real time
  • Drives action
Tracxion Core

Real time data integration middleware

Real time data platform, whose intelligent collection services connect to and normalise data from any platform, creating the best possible unique customer experience data, tracking every facet of the customer journey and interrelating all interaction and agent activity data

  • Collected and interrelated in real time
  • Actionable anytime

What to expect with Tracxion Core

  • Captures all your customer contact data
  • Creates normalised and structured data across your estate
  • Connect as on premise, cloud or hybrid

"Impressive technology. Tracxion uncovered every single customer event for us and now we have the complete picture"

Tracxion Decide

Personalised experiences in real time, across all channels

Real Time Decision engine for contact automation and interventions with Live prompts to agents in the moment

  • See the entire customer journey
  • Orchestrate each step for improved customer experience
  • Ensure reduced customer effort by lining every interaction

What to expect with Tracxion Decide

  • Engage customers in real time
  • Timely, personalised and relevant communications.
  • Seamless customer experiences across all touchpoints
  • Orchestrate conversations relevant to the customer’s journey

"Immediate 10-12% efficiency gain ‘out of the box’ more than pays for deploying the solution"

Tracxion Live

Live makes the complex simple for your agents

Intuitive AI driven ‘head-up display’ supporting the agent-customer engagement in the moment, driving improved operational performance and customer experience

  • Agent performance enhancement
  • Head up display delivering real time content-based notifications
  • Real time customisable dashboards

What to expect with Tracxion Live

  • Reduced AHT
  • Improved agent - customer interaction
  • Reduced customer effort
  • Improved contact resolution

"Immediate 10-12% efficiency gain ‘out of the box’ more than pays for deploying the solution"

Tracxion DeepDive

Creating Data not collating data

Ensuring a single view of the all data you should have, not just the data you think you only can have

  • Highlights the true level of unproductive activity in your customer contact operation
  • Captures and combines data from multiple sources for easy in depth analytics
  • Source of intelligence to drive automated interventions in Tracxion Live

What to expect with Tracxion DeepDive

  • Powered by AI, an end to end customer journey analytic capability
  • Predicts Customer Effort Score (CES)
  • Calculates Operational Performance Index (OPI)

“The possibilities are endless. It’s the simple truth. It’s the solution to bridge the disconnect between what our customers want and what we could deliver. It diagnoses, then informs and powers the cure.”

Tracxion Drive

Streams real time data to any third party applications including WFM systems

Integration middleware delivering enhanced and unique real time data to drive incremental business value by augmenting third party applications with the best possible customer experience data

  • Vendor agnostic
  • Multi channel
  • Easy to configure

What to expect with Tracxion Drive

  • Provides enhanced data integration feeds
  • Ability to configure and segment relevant data to support multiple services such as Journey Analytics and Orchestration 
  • Supports seamless migration from legacy to new technology

"The only solution that gave us all the customer journey data across the entire contact ecosystem in a standardised format that we used to improve our operations"

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