Powering next generation WFM in today's complex environments

If you know what's needed to run a contact centre well, you will love Tracxion

Designed to integrate into any technology environment

The fact that the data is real time and combined from multiple sources has been transformational

Delivering the best multichannel WFM data for optimised performance

Integration challenges we solve

Reduce costs and minimise time to benefit


Multi platform compatibility

Multi channel data synchronisation

Reconcile 100% of agent activity

Cross platform migration

Enhanced WFM data

Substantial resourcing efficiency gains > 150% ROI in year 1


Enhanced interval & RTA data

BPO segmented WFM feeds

Real time internal and BPO performance dashboards

Provides real-time data streams to 3rd party applications


What to expect from Tracxion Drive

>150% ROI in year 1

Supercharging your WFM capabilities

Tracxion Drive integration supercharges workforce management providing real time visibility into changing demands, enabling more agile staff scheduling and management

Simplify and De-risk Cloud Migration

Tracxion Drive replaces your existing WFM adapter to simplify and de-risk cloud migration. Seamless integration with Genesys CX maintains data integrity across platforms, reducing migration risks and costs by preserving operational data integrity for ongoing WFM, reporting, and insights.

Enhancing employee performance and gamification

Tracxion Drive data powers WEM performance management capabilities which enable targeted employee training, recognition, engagement and development through unified real-time data and elevated gamification features.

Agile operations, uncompromised security

Combines the agility of CCaaS platforms with data security. Capturing real-time event data, stored within the client's environment or Cloud, ensuring sensitive customer data stays protected. Enjoy operational flexibility and data integrity.

Optimising company data strategies

Capture every customer interaction across all channels, creating a cohesive journey map. Integrated with company wide data, Tracxion Drive becomes an essential component of holistic business analytics. Get customer journey insights and orchestrate seamless experiences with data-rich precision.

Empowering world leading WFM solutions

What is Tracxion?

Tracxion is a contact centre optimisation solution that collects and organises events in real time across the entire contact centre enterprise. This creates a uniquely granular and combined dataset that can be used to power business applications such as workforce optimisation, analytics and reporting, journey orchestration, and agent guidance and support.

Collects all real time contact events and processes these to deliver comprehensive data in a standard structure, irrespective of source

Structures the processed real time events to provide specific outputs for third party applications such as WEM or Journey Analytics

Provides the most comprehensive, augmented dataset for reporting, analytics and export.  Combines with external data for added granularity

End to end customer journey management, elevates your contact centre to be an integral element of your customer communication strategy

Drive performance improvement in real time, whatever your objectives.  Live uses real time data to support agents & operational management

Supercharge your contact centre

Additional Tracxion real time applications

Enhanced intraday management

Real time monitoring

Customer journey analytics & orchestration

Agent guidance

Respond in the moment to enhance CX

Delivering additional benefits

Improved productivity

Identify and reduce unproductive agent activity by up to 50%

Improved CSat & NPS​

Tracxion’s proprietary Customer Effort Score predicts your NPS in real time across 100% of contact

Reduced attrition

Greater levels of agent support promoting autonomy and self management to deliver increased agent satisfaction

Reduced churn

Enhanced CX and insight drives lifetime value and increased advocacy

8-13%+ improvements “out of the box” with further efficiencies as you integrate Tracxion into your operations


Unlocking your full potential

Helping organisations like yours use multi-channel data to improve WFM performance

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