Managing Multiple Platforms

In more complex environments, get a single, standardised view of operational performance across all channels


Managing multiple communication platforms with different data structures and integrations and sometimes conflicting KPIs can be complex, time consuming, expensive and inefficient.


Tracxion connects to all communication platforms, irrespective of location or data type, and collects real time, event level data to create a comprehensive record of all activity.

As the events are  processed to output a standardised data structure, all communication related data can be represented, and inter-related in a single database


Using Tracxion to connect disparate contact platforms at source minimises the resource and cost of managing those platforms as well as integrating ‘down stream’ systems such as WFM and analytics.

Having a single data backbone makes swapping out or upgrading applications simple with only one point of integration needed.


Breaking down data isolation drives improved analysis and decision making as well as requiring a reduced management headcount.  Channel additions or platform changes no longer face the added overhead of integration and subsequent data management.

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