Reducing customer effort

Making life easier for your customers is a win-win scenario


A well known Harvard Business Review article from some years ago (2010!) stated that customers didn’t want to be delighted, they just wanted things to be easy…

How do you measure that and how do you drive change to make your contact experiences effortless?


Tracxion uses AI to derive and tune an algorithm that measures and predicts customer effort.  Everything that happens to a customer during a contact is measured.  Is this a repeat call and in what timescale?  Is this one of multiple repeats?  What was the queue and ring times? Was the customer put on hold and, if so, when, for how long, and how many times?

Tracxion correlates the predicted effort score with any other available outcome measure (satisfaction, NPS etc) and continually fine tunes the algorithm to improve the accuracy of its predictions.

Having an outcome metric that’s applicable across 100% of all contact augments your analytic capability to pinpoint operational areas that are causing higher levels of effort.


Tracxion’s customer effort score establishes a direct link between customer experience and operational activities.  Agents and operational managers can see immediately which activities and which call types are causing higher levels of effort and therefore lower satisfaction.

Customer effort scores add an extra dimension to operational analytics and can also be displayed in real time to agents and team leaders through Tracxion Live, letting them see immediate opportunities for improvement.


Reducing customer effort makes things better for your customers as well as your contact centre agents.  Having effort applied predictively across 100% of your contacts drives visibility of ‘pain points’ whether that’s call types, times of day or agent behaviour.

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