Putting Customer Experience back into the Contact Centre

The Science of Engagement

Intelligent Customer Experience Management

“It’s revolutionised the way we visualise our entire omnichannel operation, right down to agent level”

Global BPO

Making the difference

Listen Everywhere. See Everything.

Optimise all Channels for all Customer Types across all Platforms

Live Agent Assistance

A unique “Head Up Display” user interface driving real time agent guidance ensuring effective and “hyper personalised” customer experience.

Real Time Decisioning

Using normalised data from all customer touchpoints to drive enhanced CX and deliver business value in the moment

Customer Driven

Identifies the customer and creates a unique Customer Effort Score across all channels using AI to link operational improvement to CX

What to expect

Return on Investment​

Exceed 150% ROI in the first year with immediate return through increased efficiency in CX delivery


5-7% efficiency improvement out of the box

Improved CSat & NPS​

CES predicts your NPS in real time across 100% of contact​

Reduced Attrition​

Greater levels of agent assistance support increased agent satisfaction

Easy to Deploy​

Cloud ready, quick to implement and configure

Reduced Churn​

Enhanced CX drives lifetime value and increased advocacy​

Improved Productivity

Identify and reduce unproductive agent activity by up to 50%

The Science of Engagement

Tracxion is a real time data engine that connects to anything...

…creating a real time data story which optimises everything within the customer experience

The Science of Engagement

How does it do it?

Tracxion integrates all data and uncovers and exposes the complete DNA of every call and every interaction in your business

The Science of Engagement

Listen Everywhere. See Everything.

‘Head up display’ user interface driving real time agent guidance and operational performance to enhance CX and productivity

Comprehensive and detailed view of all contact platform data highlighting unproductive activity

Provides calculated and processed data to any 3rd party application in real time

Real Time Decision engine for contact automation and interventions with Live prompts to agents in the moment

Tracxion has been fantastic! Everyone uses it and it has become part of their daily routine

Global business process outsourcing service
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