The Ultimate
Contact Centre Solution

“It’s revolutionised the way we visualise our entire operation, right down to agent level”

Tracxion delivers real results in real time​

Not all Contact Centre solutions are created equal

Efficiency Gain​

"Immediate 7-12% efficiency gain ‘out of the box’ more than pays for deploying the solution" – European BPO

Improved CSat & NPS​

CES tells you IN REAL TIME what your NPS is going to be on 100% of contact​

Contact Reduction​

"Up to 40% reduction in unproductive contacts" – global media company​.

Reduced Attrition​

Increased levels of agent satisfaction

Easy to Deploy​

Cloud ready, quick to implement and configure

Reduced Churn​

Enhanced customer loyalty drives LTV and increased advocacy​

Return on Investment​

The initial immediate efficiency gain you achieve out of reducing AHT through using Tracxion Live pays for the cost of the whole platform with a typical in year ROI of greater than 150%​

Supercharge your Contact Centre now

Game Changing

Solving your biggest Contact Centre challenges

Our experience, expertise and technical knowhow

Tracxion is the result of 30 years of experience in using technology to improve Contact Centre performance.

Designed to optimise Contact Centre performance and the investment that companies have already made.

What does Tracxion do?

Tracxion sits at the centre of three areas

People | Operational Teams | Business

For Agents

Tracxion is a single point of contact that informs the agents and helps drive productive conversations

For Operational Teams

Combines real-time and historical data​ to provide more insightful and relevant operational data

For Business and Organisations

Tracxion optimises the technology you already use and improves the overall business performance

Provide agents with the right customer data in the moments that matter, and capture the voice of the agent to help improve your business processes.

Customer Effort
Score (CES)

Tracxion calculates a unique Customer Effort Score (CES) – a machine learning algorithm based on different measures of how a contact is handled. 

Tuneable for different conversations in different circumstances and is applied to 100% of all contacts.

CES identifies an opportunity to drive

  • Better Customer-Agent behaviour improved NPS & CSAT
  • Reduced operational costs

Tracxion is made up of three key elements

  • Tracxion Live
  • Tracxion Drive
  • Tracxion DeepDive

Tracxion Elements

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