Contact centre management

How do I get my contact centre delivering effectively and efficiently?


Running contact centres is often a juggling act to deliver effective, efficient conversations that also deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.  Maximising agent productivity, whilst reducing agent handle times requires access to the right data at the right time and the use of automation to help spread the load.


Tracxion has a number of applications in its portfolio that are focussed on driving operational performance improvement irrespective of how that’s defined.  Incorporating Behavioural Change models, Tracxion Live focusses on agent guidance, giving them all the information that they need, when they need it, supporting greater degrees of autonomy and self management and the tools they need to deliver.

Operational management benefit from infinitely customisable, real time dashboards, curating the information they need to make rapid decisions and focus on helping their agents not monitoring them


Agents take responsibility for their own performance, supported by Tracxion’s automated guidance and information. Powerful embedded behavioural change models help the agents improve and reach their targets

Operational managers and Team Leaders have access to real time dashboards configured to give them the information they need, in the format that they need it, freeing them up to support their teams.

Operational performance improves and is supported by ongoing in-depth analytics that evidence that improvement and highlights areas for further investigation. 


Tracxion Live delivers on all fronts.  Reduce the cost and effectiveness of your contact centre while boosting customer satisfaction and improving agent engagement.

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