New Calabrio WFM, November update

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This month we have new exciting capabilities to make a big impact on your work load (if your a Scheduler or Intraday Analyst!)
QPC New Calabrio WFM

Hi everyone

We might only be talking about one topic this month but it’s going to have a big impact on those of you that make changes to your schedules.

Get Moving

The new functionality is an new easy way to move a whole shift. This is on the Web Schedules screen, if you haven’t used this before then please check out my May blog for details, it was first published in May this year and it’s a great addition to the web functionality.

Once you are in the Web Schedules screen, use the filters to display the agent’s shifts you want to move, hover your cursor over the main activity of the shift so the curser is the arrow not the hand (the hand shows when you hover over a break or lunch for example).

Single click to select the whole shift then drag and drop to a new start time. As you drag the shift you will see the new start and end times appear in pop ups.

For multiple changes, select all the shifts you want to move in the same way (they can have a different current start time). Then use the drop down menu (just above the agents’ names) to select ‘Move shift’, then either select a time from the drop down options of 15 min increments or you can type in any start time.

And if you’re doing many of these, the drop down remembers the last option that you chose, so it may already have ‘Move shift’ selected.

An alternative way to select multiple agents’ shifts is to click in the boxes next to the agents’ names, or click on the top box to select all of the agents displayed.

What’s the red light bulb?

You may have noticed in the web screens there is a red light bulb showing in the bottom right corner. This is called the tooltip and it links to useful information and videos for the screens you are on. You will also see an option ‘Release updates’ which takes you to the full release notes on the Calabrio website.

So in my videos and blogs we talk about the main updates you’ll see on the customer front end, but there may be other things in the release notes that are going to be useful for you so make sure you check those too.

Who’s that making changes?

There are two ways in which you can monitor who’s making these changes.

1 – back on the Web Schedules screen, hover your mouse next the agent name to show the Schedule History icon, click here to view all changes made to this shift for this day.
2 – in the Reports page, go to Schedule Analysis section then select the Schedule Audit Trail report. Using the filters at the top or column header filters you can select schedule days, days the changes were made and who made what changes.

In both cases where changes were made in the Web Schedules screen this displays as ‘Schedules (Web)’ and where they were made in the Windows Schedules screen this displays as ‘Schedules (Classic)’

Who can do this?

With any new features always check your permissions so you can ensure the right people have access to use the new features. Once in Permissions go to the Web section, down to Schedules section then highlight the ‘Move shift’ option
I’m sure this new feature is going to make life a little bit easier for everyone who makes changes to schedules!

Take care and I’ll see you next month


Jo Kirman

Jo Kirman


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