Contact Deflection

Reducing levels of demand is a number one priority for any contact centre


Reducing the need for customers to contact you has multiple benefits: reduced costs, higher customer satisfaction and improved agent engagement to name a few.

Yet few contact centres really understand the drivers of contact, even if they are able to understand call reasons after the event at best.


Understanding why customers are calling you, what has triggered the call and where they’ve been prior to calling you puts contact demand into context.

Add automation into the mix and having the ability to measure the effectiveness of bots and virtual assistants, allows you to improve every part of the customer journey, resulting in fewer contacts.

Tracxion Decide combines contact information with data from other sources such as web, apps and social media as well as transactional datasets to provide end to end customer journey management.

Analyse existing journeys, orchestrate new ones, provide your agents with recommended action based on the journey that the customer is on, push personalised web content or proactive SMS or app notifications.

All that is achievable with Tracxion Drive.


Analysing full end to end customer journeys allows you to make changes at points that are driving unnecessary contact – contact that costs you money and frustrates your customers.

Seeing where journeys ‘fail’, whether that’s a result of a poorly worded outbound communication, a badly signposted website or a malfunctioning bot, means you can make changes and measure the impact objectively.

This drives a journey of continuous improvement: reducing contact, improving automation, reducing costs and delighting customers.


Reducing demand immediately reduces head count and therefore cost.  Making it easier for your customers to resolve issues without making contact reduces their effort and increases their advocacy and loyalty.

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