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Tracxion Elements

“The options for optimisation seem endless. Tracxion has the data and the capability, it’s just a case of how clever we want to be.”


Complete view of agent performance in real time within an Agent support ecosystem


Benefit from streaming any of the data collected by Tracxion to a third party.


Historical data – understanding some of the biggest systemic issues that a Contact Centre may have

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Tracxion is made up of three key elements all designed to supercharge your Contact Centre by taking historical and real-time data and using it for your people, processes and to improve the customer experience.

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What is Tracxion Live

Tracxion Live simplifies things for your Agent, enhancing their performance, ensuring that they have the best conversations possible to drive the right outcomes for everyone’s benefit.

Tracxion Live improves conversations by providing the agent with the help and assistance they need when they need it.

  • Agent Performance Enhancement
  • Content-Based Notifications
  • Operational Context

What to Expect With Tracxion Live

  • Reduced AHT
  • Improved agent, customer interaction
  • Reduced Customer Effort
  • Improved contact resolution

"Immediate 5-7% efficiency gain ‘out of the box’ more than pays for deploying the solution"

What is Tracxion Drive

Tracxion Drive allows customers to benefit from streaming any of the data collected by Tracxion to a third party.

  • Vendor Agnostic
  • Data Management
  • Improved contact resolution

What to Expect With Tracxion Drive

  • Enhanced data integration
  • Configure and segment relevant data
  • Cloud Migration
  • Improved contact resolution

"The only solution that gave us all the customer journey data across the entire contact ecosystem in a standardised normalised format that was reliable to use to improve our operations"

What is Tracxion DeepDive

Source of deeper historical analysis providing richer, augmented data and common data structure across multiple sources.

  • Historical Data
  • Augmented Data
  • Common Data

What to Expect With Tracxion DeepDive

  • Capturing all data
  • Automated Interventions
  • Reporting
  • Customer Journey Analysis
  • Visualisation

“The possibilities are endless. It’s the simple truth. It’s the solution to bridge the disconnect between what our customers want and what we could deliver. It diagnoses, then informs and powers the cure.”

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